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Camberwell Market Commercial Metal Re-roofing Project

This was a re-roof of the Camberwell fresh food market.

What we did 
  • Removed galvanised corrugated Iron roofing and all existing cross purlins.
  • Extended existing rafters to form the vertical highlight windows and cantilevered roof area.
  • Installed 100mm insulated Colorbond kingspan roof panels laid horizonatally over existing roof rafters.
  • Laid a layer of 90mm metal roofing battens.
  • Laid a layer of heavy duty sisalation foil.
  • The roof was finished in Bluescope Lysaght steal zincaluminum corrugated roofing.
  • Dutch gables were finished with custom formed fixed metal louvers from design sheet metal.
  • Mechanical ventilation on dutch gables was controlled by electrically operated modulated louver system.